We named the band, The Heroes because we have been fortunate to have worked and are still working with people who are our musical heroes.  All of us are continually surrounded by heroes, but we fail, too often, to realize who they are.  We want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to some of those who are too often taken for granted.  We are looking to our fans to nominate heroes that seldom get that recognition.

40,000 times we will flip the light switch, turn on an appliance, or dine at our favorite eatery and never even mumble under our breath a “thank you” to electrical linemen.  But, let a storm take out a power line while we’re binge watching Big Bang Theory and we bring out the seldom used language.  When the weather gets so rough or icy that the rest of the world is diving for cover, these men and women are putting on their weather gear and headed out into the cruel weather for our safety and comfort.  And while they’re out there, they’re quite often dancing in an elevated bucket with 16,000 volts.  On a good day that is heroic.  Thank You