I’ve worked sound for many bands and performances here in Stillwater over the last 3 years but y’alls performance was definitely one of the best I’ve seen! Not only did you have great music but your stage performance was very entertaining. Hope to see yall again soon!
Sound Technician
(The)Heroes is an appropriate name for for the band. The music was great. The song list was made of favorites that everyone could enjoy, from blues to rock to traditional country to original material and more! There was not a single song that did not have me tapping my toe…GREAT SHOW! We are so glad that your schedule permitted you to play our event. We will have to do this again…
Tony Wright, Talent Coordinator, Stillwater Community Center,
Friday Food Trucks and Tunes, Voted First Place 2018 Live Entertainment Venue
Recently my wife and I heard the group at a charity event in Stillwater, OK. What a treat!!! This band could play any venue and the crowd will love them. Joel Weaver showed his 25 year music background as lead singer. It was not just a good show it was a great show!! They played so many songs we all knew and some of their original music. If you have a chance to see them don’t miss the opportunity.

Randy W.
Retired Pharmacutical C.E.O.